How to Choose the Best Gelixir Gel Polish Colors for Summers?

With the summers just around the corner, you might be thinking about your next manicure session and the wide range of gel polish colors that will keep your nails fresh-looking and shiny. While the gelixir nail polish will induce the best manicure experience, it also allows for a professional finishing touch to your nails, even if you get your nails done at home.

How to Choose the Best Gelixir Gel Polish Colors for Summers?

What Makes the Gelixir Nail Polish Unique?

Before we proceed to the list of the best Gelixir gel polish colors for this summer, you should know a few basics about the amazing range of gelixir gel polish, especially if this is your first time trying out this range of gel polishes. The gelixir nail polish includes a top and base coat, the rich texture of which covers your nails and adds a protective layer to them.

Similar to many good-quality gel polishes, the gelixir gel nail polish is long-lasting and provides your nails with a flawless finishing touch. The quality and shine of the gelixir nail polish are unmatchable. The best part is that you won’t have to wait for more than a few minutes for your nails to cure and dry. With a few minutes of the UV/ LED lamp, and you are good to go!

Another fact that makes the gelixir nail polish a unique choice for your nails is that it works as a protective layer to your nails and keeps the nails safe from chipping. While you can bid goodbye to be brittle and chipped nails, the application of the gelixir nail polish is very smooth and long-lasting. The high-gloss finish of the gelixir nail polish can last up to three weeks without chipping.

Choosing the Best Gelixir Gel Polish Colors for Summers

The wide range of gelixir gel polish allows you to engulf the best fashion statement this summer. The application process is smooth, fast, and thin, allowing you to change nail colors according to your summer outfits. When it comes to choosing the perfect nail color to match your skin tone, we believe that everyone can rock any nail color of their choice. However, this isn’t always the case. Some nail colors enhance our skin tone, whereas others make our hands appear dull.

As we take you through our brief guide on how to choose the best gelixir gel polish for the summer, you ought to know another exciting part of the Gelixir gel nail polish that is durable and doesn’t peel off while you do some chores and other activities. That said, you can have peace of mind that the glossy touch of the gelixir gel polish is here to stay.

Check Your Skin Tone before Choosing a Gelixir Gel Polish Color

Warmer Undertones – We don’t mean to check your actual skin tone; we are pointing it out to your undertone. In case you have a warmer undertone, you are best off with warmer nail colors, like red and peach. Bold red would be another amazing choice for anyone with warmer undertones. If you want everyone to stop and stare at your manicure, we recommend opting for a classy choice of orange-red colored gelixir gel polish.

Cooler Undertones – For cool undertones, you will find more delight in cool colors, like mint, but also flashy colors, like hot pink. For a fun day on the beach, you can also allow your inner mermaid out as you opt for a shimmery shade of turquoise for your nails. Remember that the glossy touch of the gelixir gel polish will last for more than three weeks, making your nails pop and become the center of attention.

Darker skin tone – If you fall in the category of darker skin tone, you have many options regarding the best Gelixir gel polish colors for summers. By choosing high-impact colored gelixir gel polishes, you will complement your darker skin tone. We recommend opting for dark green gel lacquers, neutral brown, gold shades, and blues for chocolate skin hues. If you are looking for a brighter color choice, we recommend going for bright orange or neon-colored gelixir gel nail polishes. If you have a darker skin tone, avoid applying dark brown shades to your nails.

Dark Brown Skin tone – For the darker shade of brown to black skin tones, we recommend going for bright pink, purple, and even white. Believe it or not, but white looks stunning, fresh, and vibrant on darker shades of brown skin tones. Make it a point to avoid grey nail colors as these will make your skin tone appear dull and lifeless, which won’t make you stand out on a summer day!


No matter what color you use, the most important thing is how the lacquer affects your nails and overall manicure. The number one reason that the gelixir gel nail polish has become one of the most sought-after nail colors is that its wide range of hues gives fingernails the beauty and style they deserve. The glossy, long-lasting texture of the gelixir gel polish makes it an all-time favorite for all nail enthusiasts.