New DND Gel Polish Colors to Watch out for in 2021

The new year brings with it exciting colors that allow you to make a compelling fashion statement. The winters of 2020 were gloomy and dark, forcing you to wear somber colors. The onset of spring and the ensuing summer months are ideal for bringing out the fascinating colors from your DND nail polish gel set.

This blog discusses the range of colors that will rock the new year and set the trends for years to come.

Top DND Gel Polish Colors in 2021

Bluish Gray – A change from the gloomy winters

The summer months are characterized by bright sunshine and clear skies. You need the perfect contrast in the bluish-gray shades to give you the perfect balance between shiny colors and the lazy summer look. Besides, the bluish-gray color is different from others and could make you stand out from the rest. It is the perfect color to grab the eyeballs of passersby as you proudly display it on your nails.

Try out the Dark Navy – Blue colors

2021 is the year of classic colors. Though it can look simple and unassuming, the traditional colors make a tremendous impact. There cannot be a better shade than the dark navy-blue color to lean on during the year. The best aspect of these new DND gel polish colors is that they suit every skin tone. You can also alternate between the glossy and matte finish to set a unique trend for others to follow.

Never underestimate the power of the deep reds

The deep reds are the perennial favorites of women globally. The exciting thing about red is that you get a fantastic array of red shades, from the deep brick red color to the bright ruby red shades. Each of these reds can make an indelible mark on people’s minds. Though the reds suit the fair-skinned people more, one cannot underestimate their power to create an everlasting impression.

Use glitter polish to make a glittering start to the new year

In these times of the global pandemic, nail art has become the favorite pastime of women worldwide. One must appreciate these women for daring to experiment with different designs, colors, and shapes. Nail art enthusiasts should not shy away from trying out the glittering polish designs. Glitter polish is a fantastic option because the DND gel polish collection offers you an incredible range of color treats.

Yellow can be great fun to wear

If any color can make people’s heads turn suddenly towards you, it is the yellow hue. It is a popular color throughout the year. Though you have many yellow shades to try out, you can concentrate on the darker shades like mustard yellow compared to the citrus yellow colors. Besides, these yellow nails look excellent with matte and glossy topcoats.

The nudes are the perfect shades to wear in wedding celebrations

With the new year’s onset, you will become busy attending wedding parties of friends and loved ones. The bright colors could look out of place during such occasions. The nudes provide the ideal alternative. The advantage of nudes is that you have a massive range in the new DND gel polish colors collection to choose from.

Green allows you to blend with nature and sync with it perfectly

The greens are poised to make a massive impact this year. Spring is the right time to make a start as you find colorful flowers and greenery everywhere around you. The DND gel polish offers hundreds of green shades to choose from, like the baby greens to the deep forest greens. Green color ensures maintaining the chic factor, where the lighter the color, the more playful and casual the vibe is.

The brown-gold combo can set the fashion scene on fire

Unexpectedly, the brown color was a tremendous hit during the winter and fall months in 2020. The trend will continue well into the spring and summer seasons. The introduction of the gold combo ensures that these colors have come to stay.


Women love to make fashion statements, and experimenting with nail polish colors allows them the liberty to make a mark. Try out the new DND gel polish colors and be at the forefront to set a compelling fashion trend this year. People are looking forward to someone leading the way. It can be you with your favorite DND nail polish gel set.