The Most Simple and Easy to Follow Tanning Steps for All Men

Men usually don’t pay attention to things like tanning or even skincare. They would lay in the sun all day and burn their skin instead of going to a salon and getting themselves tanned. In my opinion, all men should be counselled and guided about how to take proper care of skin and make it beautiful.

Tanning Steps for Men

Talking particularly about tanning here, it gives a strong masculine confidence to the body. Enhancing the features of the male body, it gives prominence to every muscle and string. Here are a few tips and ideas for all men out there about how to get the most effective and attractive tan on their body.

Steps to Follow for Getting Tanned

Now let’s talk about the actual topic of what is the right way to get tanned. Well, getting tanned isn’t difficult, just the right steps can help you do it the best way.


Firstly, make sure your skin is free from dead skin and impurities. This will help the tan get absorbed in the cells faster. Use a good quality mild cleanser and use it on all areas of your face, especially those where you experience dark spots or blackheads frequently.


Now hydrate your entire body with a good quality moisturizer. It will help the product absorb in your skin. Along with that, it will also keep your tan vibrant and bright for longer.

Self tanner

Some of the best indoor tanning lotion for men are recommended which give you a perfectly tanned body. The most useful advantage of using an indoor tanning lotion is that it keeps your skin safe from burning in the sun. While staying inside in your room, you get the tan of your desires.

Tanning oil

Afterwards, you can apply a tanning oil on your skin to let the tan develop darker. It also enhances the shade of the tan.

Tanning on Sensitive Skin Types

When we talk about tanning, it is very important to talk about sensitive skin. Sometimes a minor carelessness can lead to a huge burst of irritation on your entire skin. Especially if you spend a few hours out in the sun to get tanned, your sensitive skin won’t be able to handle the heat. Here are a few things you can do to avoid it.

Check product specification

Before choosing any product, check out if it is specified for use on sensitive skin or not. Check all the ingredients and allergy factors mentioned in the product’s literature. The best indoor tanning lotion for sensitive skin is formulated for this purpose to help your skin stay protected. As it is specified for sensitive skin, it won’t let your skin get irritated or inflamed by any chance.

Use sunscreen

While using indoor tanning products, most people ignore the use of sunscreen. It should be emphasized that sunscreen is must to be used even if you are staying most of the day indoors. UV radiations are everywhere and you must keep yourself protected from them. Particularly for sensitive skin, SPF 60+ sunscreen is a must to be used product.

Keep yourself covered

Keep your body as much covered as possible. It will not only protect your tanned skin from harmful rays but will also create a barrier for dust and dirt.


Men are usually ignorant about the ways of how they can make themselves look attractive. Out of many ways, tanning is one of the easiest things you can do. Self tanning is simple and easy to perform. Especially after following the simple steps we highlighted, I’m sure tanning would become a piece of cake for all men out there.