Best Makeup for Aging Skin over 40
Top 6 Best Makeup for Aging Skin over 40

Age is not a parameter to define a woman’s beauty. No matter from what age group you belong, looking beautiful and feeling confident is your right and there is no age boundary for this. With the growing age, as the needs of the skin begin to change, ordinary makeup may not work efficiently. So we have brought to you a list of the best makeup products for aging skin that would not only make you look pretty but will also help you in getting a healthier skin.

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream Anti-Aging Face Moisturizer

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The Garnier skin active gives the best light to medium coverage to the skin without causing dryness, as most BB creams do. It is the best BB cream for aging skin as the combination of SPF and moisturizer help prevent damage to the skin. Meanwhile, it keeps the skin fully hydrated and rejuvenated. It uplifts the weak and dry cells and brings life to them, giving a younger and radiant skin.

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle-Defying Foundation

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This age defying foundation is perfect for women who have way too much fine lines and wrinkles on their face. The foundation has excellent coverage, blends perfectly and gives an even and smooth tone to the skin. The ingredients not only cover the skin blemishes but also maintain the health of skin cells by protecting it from radiations and providing the necessary ingredients to retain moisture. All the components of the formula are cruelty free and totally vegan.

Janssen Cosmetics Skin Contour Cream

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The skin contour cream by Janssen has wonderful contouring ability. It greatly uplifts the dull features of the face and brings life to them. It defines the less prominent areas of face and brings radiance and illumination. The skin care ingredients added in the contour cream give additional benefits of making the skin look healthy and prevent aging. (more…)

Importance of Your Base Make Up Tricks

To get a flawless makeup, the base under your cosmetic is essential. It helps you to set the entire makeup stay longer on your skin without melting away. Women use foundation and concealer to form accurate base makeup. Foundations have various benefits on your skin, depending on your skin type. Again, before understanding which foundation you need, you have to understand your skin tone. The base makeup application should be uniform with neck and face to get the radiant to make up look.

sensitive skin concealers

Should I Use Foundation Every Day?

Well, some individuals do not prefer using foundation or concealers on their skin. Instead, they want to keep it natural. However, there are several benefits of using foundation too. Other than an ample amount of skin coverage and fair tone, foundations can enhance the skin texture.

Anti Aging Effects On Skin

Due to pollution, most of your skin part is exposed to the sun. Pollution can occur in various forms. Few of them are visible, and rest are non-visible to the eye. Mostly the radical damage of your skin can happen because of stress and pollution effects.

Therefore, it becomes common for everyone to suffer from fine lines and wrinkles at an earlier age. Dark circles also appear under the delicate eye skin due to this reason. Many women suffer from skin sagging issues from the early age of their adolescence.

When you apply excess makeup under such a skin tone with fine lines, it often looks visible. Therefore, a powdered or liquid foundation can help you to hide those lines and spots considerably.

After applying foundation, when you set it with a damp cloth, the extra lines do not appear much, and you can get a matte finish too.

Foundation Acts as a Protective Layer

A foundation is significant for any under makeup as it has a protective layer under it. This can protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays too. According to many skin experts, it is opined that chemical substances present in the regular sunscreen can cause cancer. Skin discoloration is the first sign that sunblock is affecting your skin cells.

Whereas a reliable sunscreen enhanced foundation can stay long on your skin without any issue. We recommend our readers to select Vitamin D sufficient and SPF content 15 -20 in their sunscreen rich foundations. If you have sensitive skin, then always go for sensitive skin concealers that have SPF benefits.


Long Nails Art Design Ideas to Express Your Personality

Long nails are a fashion that is always on trend. Aside from adding spunk to your otherwise boring nails, nail art also becomes an extension of you. It is another way to accessorize and a way to showcase your sense of style. If you are looking for cool nail art designs and ideas to suit your long nails, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the easy-to-do nail designs that you can sport on your talons this weekend:

Long Nails Art Design Ideas

1. Gold French Manicure with Silver Tip

Nail addicts adore French tips and bold colored tips are now the trend. Coffee colored nails decorated with gold French tips are a perfect combination for a cocktail party or a night out on the town. However, because coffee and gold are colors that go well with everything, this combo also works well for casual wear. (more…)

Where Can I Buy the Best Dipping Powder for My Nails?

These days doing your nails at home has starting to become a trend among busy women mainly because of tutorial videos available online and of course, the accessibility to a plethora of different nail dipping powder kit that you can access on retailer shelves or order online.

Dipping Powder

Thanks to dip powder and gel formulas, now having a chipped nail paints can be fixed without the need to make an appointment to the salon. And the fact that you can knock-down the price of nail services makes D-I-Y nails more appealing. Here are some of the best Nail Dipping Powders that you can try as a beginner:


French manicure can now be done at home using SNS Nails because they are the one and the only gel polish products that creates the natural look. Even if you do not posses that art skill, you’ll have the perfect powder-dipped nails if you are willing to put in a little work.


How to Shop for Wholesale Nail Supplies

Purchasing wholesale nail supplies has enormous benefits regardless if you are a nail salon owner or someone who enjoys doing your own nails. For the small business owner, making the move from purchasing your supplies retail to wholesale is somewhat of a milestone. Purchasing wholesale nail supplies is a big commitment because you are often purchasing products in greater quantities. There are tons of benefits that you can get from doing that such as saving time and money but it can be a bit scary especially if you have never used the brand before.

Nail Supplies

Shopping in retail especially in physical stores is also especially if you are only looking to get smaller quantities and purchasing in-store will enable you to physically hold and test the product. But if you have already found the product that works for you and for your store, that is the time that buying online in bulk is beneficial to you because of the time and money you can save. A lot of online sites offers huge discount if you will buy in bulk.