A Comprehensive Guide for Nail Dipping Powder

Most individuals don’t know that nail dipping powder is more effective and lasts longer than gel.  If you want a super pigmented color for your hands and legs for more than three weeks, then consider getting Nugenesis dipping powder soon. This product is available in the nearest salon in your locality and if you prefer a home delivery option, simply place an order today.

There are different varieties to enable you to select the one that matches your preference. However, some believe the application of this product is a bit intense, which is why you need to adhere to professional advice.

Guide for Nail Dipping Powder

The benefit of Nugenesis nails outweighs its demerit, so people prefer it compared to other brands. In addition, this product encompasses kits and other accessories that help novices beautify themselves while at home.

Explaining Dip Powder Nails

Effective nail dip powder does not require a UV lamp for seal or cure; instead, it uses a special pigmented powder that makes it last more than three weeks.

Nugenesis dip powder kit contains accessories that enable users to beautify themselves at home with no hassle. According to research, standard nail gel should last for two weeks, but a dip powder encompasses components that make the nail unique. The application process is also quite different.

The percentage of individuals using dipping products has continued to surge because of its immense benefit. You can do personal research on this product or contact a knowledgeable individual in this aspect.

Step to Use Dip Powder Nails at Home

Clean the nail

You remove all dirt and unwanted substances from your fingers by cleaning the nail and making it ready for beautification. Sometimes remnants of oil or polish of the previous product design might still be in your hand. Nugenesis dip powder kit consists of tools that help to clean and file your nails.

Apply base coat

Basecoat helps to keep the nails wet and ready for the next step. There are different product designs of base coats to enable you to select your preference. After applying the base coat, you color each of your fingers with your preferred dipping powder choice. As you stain your fingers, note that the product you use must match your skin with little or no effect.

Add top coat (depending on preference)

After pigmenting your nails, the topcoat activator projects more beauty to your design to make it glossy. Make use of topcoat and Nugenesis nail dip based on your preference.

Which Is the Best Between Dipping, Gel, and Acrylic Nails?

The best of the three nail products above depends on the individual’s preference and techniques used in the application. The three products have proven effective over time, but their benefit surpasses one another.

According to various customer’s remarks, acrylic nails are for individuals who love long nails that require regular upkeep. The significant difference between gel and dip is the application of UV light and longevity.

Some users affirm that gel product uses UV light and provides smooth and durable nails that last up to two weeks, but dipping powder remains effective after three weeks or more.

Can I Use Dipping Nail Powder at Home?

Yes, you can. Nugenesis dip powder kit contains necessary accessories that enable you to beautify yourself at home. The product includes an instruction outline to allow newbies to understand and easily use each tool with little or no guidance required. The product is used across different locations as customers have affirmed it has zero reaction on their skin.

You can still visit the nearest salon to get a view of the whole nail design process. In addition, there are various color options to enable you to select the one that matches your outfit. Likewise, this product does not prevent you from performing other homely chores.

Is Dip Powder Nails Expensive?

Compared to its effectiveness, it is relatively cheap. You can get this product at an affordable price. So, you get good value for your money. However, the price might vary globally because of currency value. Nevertheless, unlike other brands, Nugenesis provides the best nail product.

The option for delivery depends on your location, as the latest design encompasses a kit with color variations. Place an order for your preferred choice today.

Does It Have Any Effect?

Nugenesis is rated 4.8 on a scale of 5.0, according to the customer’s review. Most users continue to express euphoria about the outstanding services this product provides. However, be careful how you dip your hand into the pigment jar to avoid any microbe’s side effects. If you notice powder remnant on your nails after the dip, use a brush to dust off.


You can have your personal research for more information about dip powder products or kits. As earlier stated above, be careful how you dip your nails into the tip jar to avoid any microorganism effect. If you notice any irregularities, kindly reach out to a professional for appropriate direction. With the Nugenesis nail dip colors product, you will get the best experience.