The Best Way to Dry Nail Polish at Home!

Have you always wanted to have beautiful and youthful hands, but you are concerned when your hands have defects? Hey girls! Always be confident, you don’t need to worry about it anymore because now, each of us has the right to beautify and overcome body defects, especially hand defects. With today’s advanced nail technology and services, you can completely eliminate the guilt because of defects on your hands. The simplest way is to use colored nail polish to beautify and adorn the fingers, just a suitable set of nails with a delicate design depending on the event you attend, or simple nails. Every day, you can also become more beautiful and attractive! Surely OPI gel nail polish set will be your perfect companion at home and wherever you go.

The Best Way to Dry Nail Polish at Home!

Are you always afraid when you want to do nails because you may have to spend all day moving to your favorite nail salon while it is far from your home? Don’t like waiting all day at the nail salon? Now, you don’t need to go to the nail salon but still own durable and beautiful nails, what you need first is the basic gel nail tools and an OPI gel nail polish set to be able to create your own set. Beautiful nails are no different from the salon.

The following article will guide you how to make gel polish last long as well as how to dry and remove gel nail polish colors very simply.

What Are You Waiting for Without Finding out OPI Right Away with Us?

OPI nail polish is a premium product line O.P.I. OPI is a famous American brand that includes dipping powders, regular nail polish, gel nail polish. In particular, OPI gel color nail polish is the most popular product line. It is the top selling nail polish in the world today. This product not only gives women many choices with more than 140 nail polish colors available, but O.P.I Nail color gel polish is also very focused by OPI researchers. They always look for the best and research and then develop product lines that are both popular and safe for women’s health. The nail polish of OPI gel polish set is durable, prevents the nails from yellowing or darkening, in addition, it also has the ability to moisturize nails very well. Bringing you beautiful and absolutely attractive hands.

The Best Way to Dry Nail Polish at Home!

Cured by nail dryer

Nail lamp or the nail dyer is a device commonly used in gel nail services, it is popularly used in drying and hardening gels, polishing nails to help maintain the paint layer.

How to use the nail lamp:

Connect the power cord to the AD/DC converter, plug it into the power source.

Timer (30-60-90s), when the drying time indicator light is displayed, the machine will start working and stop automatically after the preset time.

Put your hand in the machine and let it dry for the selected time. Enough time, you put your hand out, turn off the machine and move on to the next step.

No need for a generator

If you don’t want to spend time on drying your nails by the nail dryer, you can choose a cold gel polish, a gel that can dry very quickly and as well as thr regular nail polish, they are all simple to use without UV or LED light needed.

How to Remove Gel Polish Safely at Home

Lacquer nail polish has very high durability and adhesion, so removing gel nail polish is not as simple as regular nail polish. If you want to clean gel polish at home, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Use wax or balm to apply to the edges of the nail and the skin from the fingertips to the first lower joint.

Step 2: Pour acetone into a small bowl, dip a cotton ball in the solution and place it on the nail.

Step 3: Use foil to wrap around the nail, fix the cotton ball, soak the nail in acetone for about 30 minutes.

Step 4: After enough time, remove gauze and cotton swabs. If after this step the gel nail has not come off, you need a support tool to remove the gel from the nail.

Final thought

Using OPI nail polish kit at home is so suitable for all off you guys! This line of gel nail is not only rich but also good for your nails and your health. Hope you guys feel happy when getting this one.