How to Get the Best Color Gel Manicure at Home?

Getting a nail manicure at home has become more of a necessity than a fashion today. People are hesitant to venture out of their homes for any activity unless it is urgent. However, a gel nail manicure is not so critical that you risk your health and visit a nail salon, especially when you can master the technique and have the procedure done at your home. This article teaches you to get the best color gel manicure in the safety of your home.

Gel Manicure at Home

Gel Manicure at Home

It can surprise you that it is easy to practice and master the technique of having a gel manicure at home. However, it requires you to follow the eight steps listed below.

Prep your nails

Your nails should be in perfect shape before you start your gel manicure. Cutting your nails and shaping them is crucial for an excellent manicure. It is advisable to cut your nails short and smooth out the edges. Otherwise, the gel nail color can lift and leave a gap between the polish layer and the nail surface. In addition, it allows water seepage and the growth of bacteria leading to nail infections.

Use cuticle oil

Your cuticles should not interfere with your color gel manicure. You should note that the polish sticks to the nail surface and not to the cuticle. Hence, if the cuticle comes in the way of the polish, it will lift the polish layer. It affects the manicure significantly. Therefore, you should push the cuticles into their grooves and apply a layer of cuticle oil over them to ensure that the polish does not stick to the cuticles.

Buff your nails

Buffing your nails helps rough up the nail surface allowing the basecoat to stick easily. A smooth nail surface has natural oils that can form a slippery layer, challenging the basecoat application. It is crucial for your manicure because the color gel does not stick to the nail but the basecoat. Therefore, the basecoat should stick to the nail surface. Buffing your nail makes it easier.

Rub alcohol on your nails

Buffing your nail causes debris to collect on the surface. Removing the dead skin is essential. Instead of washing with soap and water, it is better to rub alcohol on your nails. Alcohol disinfects the nail surface by eliminating bacteria and viruses. Besides, it absorbs the oils and excess moisture to make it easy for the manicure.

Apply the basecoat

Once your nail surface is prepped and ready, you can proceed with the basecoat application. You have to be careful when doing so. The best procedure is to start from the nail base near the cuticles and move upwards towards the edges. It is advisable to apply in single strokes without overlapping.

On applying the first layer, you should cure it under the UV lamp before proceeding to the next. It ensures that the existing layer dries up before applying the next one. Therefore, you avoid streaks.

Apply the gel polish

Please choose your favorite gel nail polish and apply it gently to your nails in light strokes without overlapping. On coloring the entire nail, you should cure it under the UV lamp for around 60 seconds to allow the color gel to dry.

Subsequently, you can go for the second layer. If you need more layers, you should cure each layer before moving on to the subsequent one. Otherwise, the nail polish layers could stick and cause smudges.

If you wish to have multiple colors, you must apply a cello tape layer on the nail to mark out the boundaries.

Apply the topcoat

Wait for a minute or so after curing the final layer of the color gel nail polish under the UV lamp. It helps the polish layer to dry completely. Finally, you can apply the top coat again layer by layer. Curing each layer under the UV lamp is essential before proceeding to the next one.

If you wish for a matte finish, you can stop after applying a layer or two of the topcoat. Otherwise, you can go for multiple coats. The more the topcoat applications, the glossier is your nail manicure. However, we reiterate that you should cure each topcoat layer under the UV lamp.

Finally, you can feel your nail surface. If it appears tacky, your topcoat layer is perfect. Now your gel manicure can last comfortably for three weeks.

After care

Taking proper care of your gel polish is essential because the polish layer can lift or crack. The ideal way is to massage your nails frequently using cuticle oil. It helps keep the nails hydrated and retains the shine for extended periods.

Final Thoughts

You can see how convenient it is to have a gel manicure at home. You can practice the techniques and become a master at them within no time. Thus, you avoid going to the salon and save time and money.