Exciting OPI Nail Colors to Go with Your New Red Dress

When it comes to color choices for your attire, red is the favorite of all women. Every woman has at least one red-colored dress in her wardrobe. So naturally, red is the most compelling color to wear on any occasion. While you can wear different shades of red to suit your personality and the event, it helps to pay attention to your nails and have matching combinations to enhance your beauty. Let us see which OPI powder colors suit your red outfits the best.

Matching Nail Colors to Your Red Outfits

Matching Nail Colors to Your Red Outfits

The bright reds

Red is an attractive choice when purchasing a dress, especially when you wish to enhance your desirability quotient. This color has the power to attract the attention of all handsome and single men at the gathering. If you have red OPI nail colors to match your dress perfectly, it serves as the icing on the cake. The deep and bright reds are ideal when you have plain or checked red-colored dresses. However, if your red dress has different undertones, you can alter your nail colors accordingly.

Wine red and maroon combo

Depending on your dress color shade, you can choose between the wine red and maroon. Combining these two colors should also be an excellent choice, mainly because it provides a beautiful contrast. Secondly, your skin tone helps decide whether to go for the maroon or wine red. For example, fair-skinned people look gorgeous wearing maroon shades on the nails as a perfect contrast, whereas wine red is a better option for people with tanned skin.

The pinks

While the bright reds complement a red outfit perfectly, the light pinks serve as the ideal contrasting hue. The lighter the pink, the better is the contrast, and the more attractive your red dress looks in the bargain. OPI has an excellent range of pinks with varying shades ranging from nude pinks to light pinks and peach. You can also try slightly darker colors like rose and rouge to match your red dress.

The bright orange

Bright orange is a beautiful shade on your nails when wearing a red outfit, especially when you have orange undertones on your dress. In addition, you can have a matching handbag and shoes to add to the glamour quotient. The bright orange shade is better than the deep reds because of the contrasting look. So, if you love to show off your radiant-looking nails and your red dress combo at the dance ball, you can do so with absolute comfort.

The pearly white or creamy shades

If you wish to attend a wedding wearing your red dress, it is not advisable to go for the bright orange or yellow shades. The pearly white or creamy tones look exceedingly glamourous and suit the occasion the best. Besides, the pearly finish on your nails matches your jewelry and makes you look stunning.

The metallic and glitter finish looks excellent

Women love to wear glittering jewelry to make them look more glamorous. While gold and platinum jewelry is the best, you can also have titanium rings and bracelets to enhance your overall beauty to the next level. At the same time, you can have metallic and glitter powder colors to match your jewelry. The bronzed-mirror look is the best when it comes to matching red dresses. Alternatively, you can opt for a French manicure with a sparkling glitter finish. Silver or golden shades also suit your red dress by matching your jewelry.

The greens should illuminate any gathering

Any painter will tell you that the perfect contrast to red is the green shade: the light and dark green gel equally well with your red dress. However, the darker hue is a better choice because it beautifully matches your bright red dress. But, if you have a light red-colored dress, the lighter green shades suit it better. At the same time, it is better to avoid having fluorescent greens on your nails when wearing red dresses. It can look grossly out of place.

Game enough to try the yellow

Many people shun away from yellow OPI colors when wearing a red dress because they feel that the bright yellow hues can overshadow the red dress. However, it is not so because OPI powder colors offer exciting yellow choices like ochre or brass finishes to enhance your desirability quotient.

Final Thoughts

Red is the most common color women love to wear. It enhances their external beauty to the next level. OPI nail colors offer an excellent choice of nail manicure products. However, it is better to let your choice match the red dress rather than trying to shine through it. After all, your nails should supplement your beauty quotient. Therefore, choose wisely and have a great time uploading your selfies, highlighting your dress-nail combo on your social media handles.

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