Long Nails Art Design Ideas to Express Your Personality

Long nails are a fashion that is always on trend. Aside from adding spunk to your otherwise boring nails, nail art also becomes an extension of you. It is another way to accessorize and a way to showcase your sense of style. If you are looking for cool nail art designs and ideas to suit your long nails, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the easy-to-do nail designs that you can sport on your talons this weekend:

Long Nails Art Design Ideas

1. Gold French Manicure with Silver Tip

Nail addicts adore French tips and bold colored tips are now the trend. Coffee colored nails decorated with gold French tips are a perfect combination for a cocktail party or a night out on the town. However, because coffee and gold are colors that go well with everything, this combo also works well for casual wear.

2. Blingy Nail Art

Long nails are the best nails to decorate because there’s enough space to do whatever you want. If you are the type who wants to wear a bling, then it’s about time that you put the bling on your nails. For beginners, you can go for nude nail then you can adjust the bling as per your preference. This nail art idea is chic and elegant.

3. Gradient-Colored Ombre Nails

Ombre is not only a trend in hair but also in nails. The gradient effect is what makes this nail art loved by many girls. It’s cute and fun and it can be done in thousands of ways. There is no right or wrong way to recreate this look, so sky is the limit.

4. Glitters and Rhinestones Decorated Nails

The beauty of using glitters and rhinestones on your nails is that you can be as creative as you desire. There is also no wrong or right way to do this and there is no such thing as overdoing it because this is the kind of art that doesn’t require you to have a steady hand, because the look doesn’t have to be perfect and no matter how you do it, you can still achieve wonderful results.

5. Hand Drawn Nail Art

If you have an artistic hand, don’t just settle to creating your arts on papers and canvass, you have your nails to paint on too. Your long nails are a good canvass where you can showcase your artistic side. Finishing your free-hand designs with crystal embellishment will also make your art stand out more.

6. Marble Long Nails

Marble technique is another nail art that looks good on long nails. With tons of tutorials available online on how to make marble nails, you will surely find one that will look good on your talons. When done right, the look will surely go regal and attractive and goes great with a diamond ring. It can also be worn all year round as it never goes out of style, at least for now.