Seven Beautiful Ways to Make Your Gel Color Nails Last Longer

Everyone knows gel nails do not last as long as acrylic or dip powder manicures. Despite that, gel nails are popular because they are the most flexible of all manicures. The acrylic procedure can make the nails seem rigid, whereas the dip powders can seem heavy sometimes. In contrast, gel manicures are excellent because they form smooth and silky coats over your nails.

Tips to Make Your Gel Nails Look Gorgeous

So, let us discuss simple ideas to make your gel nails last longer.

Tips to Make Your Gel Nails Look Gorgeous

Be frank with the manicurist

Much depends on the quality of the daisy DND gel nail polish. The more precautions you take during the process, the better the manicure. For example, you should discuss sanitization, safety precautions, sterilization processes, and other queries before starting the manicure. The manicurists would be happy to explain these points to you adequately. It builds up your awareness and helps you maintain the gel manicure better.

Use sunscreen lotions during the gel manicure

A gel manicure exposes your nails to ultraviolet radiation. It is essential; otherwise, the gel polish layers do not dry and get set. Everyone knows that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can harm your nails and the surrounding skin. One way to protect the surrounding skin from ultraviolet ray exposure is to apply a generous coating of sunscreen. Alternatively, you can use dark gloves that expose the nail portion alone to ultraviolet radiation.

Massage and hydrate the nails as much as possible

Gel nails require pampering. So, we advise you to massage your nails frequently with cuticle oil to keep them moist and hydrated. Hydrated gel nails last longer than dry nails because they do not become brittle or crack. The gel polish topcoat layer can become extra dry if you do not massage them with cuticle oil. Secondly, the gel polish removal procedure requires using acetone. It dehydrates the nails further. So, massaging and hydrating the nails becomes essential.

Remove the gel polish layers at the nail salon

You would have watched several DIY videos that teach you how to remove gel polish layers at home. However, we suggest visiting the nail salon for the removal procedure because it is better to entrust the job to an expert. Removing the gel polish layer requires the proper filing of the nails. Though you can do it at home, you must be extra careful. Excessive filing of the gel polish layer can remove the protective layer of the natural nail surface and make your nails vulnerable to infections. The nail salon technician knows how many layers to file.

Dip the nail tips alone in acetone when removing the color gel nails

Many women dip their entire fingertips in acetone when removing gel polish. This process helps remove the gel color layers but exposes the skin to acetone. The acetone content in the nail polish removal solution can dehydrate the skin and remove moisture from it. So, we advise dipping cotton swabs in acetone and placing them carefully over the nails. Please secure the swabs by covering them with aluminum wraps. First, it ensures that the acetone does not evaporate. Secondly, you concentrate the acetone content on the nails alone and, thus, protect your fingertips.

Use quality gel color products

Quality gel color products are expensive, but they are durable. The cheaper varieties available on the market can harm your nails because of toxic substances. In contrast, high-quality products do not have any harmful ingredients. So, they protect your nails and make your gel manicure durable and long-lasting. Secondly, good quality products are advisable because they offer a better and glossier finish. It makes your nails look gorgeous.

Avoid exposure to hot water

Gel polish and hot water do not go well together. Hot water baths can rub off the gel polish layer and make your nails look dull. It also makes your nails brittle and prone to cracking. So, we advise keeping your gel-colored nails away from hot water as much as possible. In addition, you can wear gloves while cleaning vessels of cooking food to prevent exposing the gel polish layers to hot water or steam. It helps to prolong your nail’s life considerably.

Wrap it up

We have discussed seven beautiful ways to strengthen your gel manicure and make your nails last longer. First, DND gel polish colors are available in an extensive range of color options. Secondly, the gloss effect of gel nails makes the manicure the most attractive. So, maintaining your manicure is crucial. The steps discussed here can help your gel manicure last three to four weeks. We advise you not to compromise your nail health and keep it looking beautiful. Nothing looks better than a perfect gel manicure. It can enhance your attraction quotient and make you look gorgeous.