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Top 6 Best Lip Care Products for Smooth Lips 2020

As fall season has approached, bad days for skin, hair and lips have also started. Where everyone takes proper care of their skin and hair, lips is a part which is ignored most of the times although they equally suffer in the dry weather. Scaling, drying off and sometimes chipping off from the lip skin are very common. It may also occur if a person has naturally dry skin or has any skin condition or oral disease. Taking care of lips should be an important part of our regular skin care routine so that our lips may also look healthy and beautiful. We have chosen a bunch of the best lip care products which you must try.

Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment

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This repairing ointment by Aquaphor contains vitamins and nutrients which provide rejuvenation and uplift to the dry skin of lips. This prevents chipping off from the lips and makes them look soft and smooth. It heals cracks and damaged skin, restoring the soft, rosy look. The product is natural and chemical free so it is safe to be used on sensitized lips.

Lip Treatment by Hanalei

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This lip treatment by Hanalei is one of the best lip lightening products. It contains a combination of kukui nut oil and Shea butter oil. This combination is perfect to provide nourishment and moisturization to the dry and darkened out lip skin. The continuous hydration slowly lightens out the skin and brings the lips back to the normal light color. It also has antioxidant properties so it fights infections and protects the lips from harmful foreign agents.

DHC Lip Cream

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This lip cream has amazing healing and softening properties. It straightens out vertical lines from the lips and prevents the aged look. It has antioxidant properties so prevents damage to the sensitive lip skin. The inclusion of aloe makes it soothing and refreshing on the lips. It can be worn as a primer for lipsticks or you can just apply it on daily basis to get a shiny and glossy look.

Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub

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This vegan coconut scrub is carefully designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate the lip skin. Worn throughout the night, the scrub slowly removes the dead skin from the lips while providing nourishment and hydration. It makes the lips cotton soft and brings the old glossy look back. The product is cruelty free and was never tested on animals. It is free from harmful chemical additives so is perfect for the sensitive areas of the lips.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm

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The Burt’s Bees lip balm is full of natural nutritive components. The botanical formulation allows moisturization and healing of the lip skin by providing all the factors that are absent from your skin. It repairs and refreshes the lip damage and makes them look healthy. Beeswax and vitamin E has whitening ability so they lighten out the dark areas of the lips, and restore the natural color and texture. The careful selection of ingredients makes it the best product for dark lips.

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

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The LANIEGE sleeping mask fully nourishes the skin and provides deep exfoliation. This helps in making the lips healthy, shiny, glossy and soft. The product contains ingredients which are gentle on the lips so it causes no irritation or side effects. It prevents dryness and scaling of lips. It is particularly useful during winters.


As with every part of the face, lips also require great love and care as they are extremely sensitive part of skin and may get damaged often. Especially during the dry season, chipping off from the lip skin is quite common. This could be prevented by adding one or two lip care products in your skin care routine and then using them on regular basis so that you can get a perfectly glossy and radiant lip skin.